Hard Drive Destruction Service

We are India’s top degaussing company, providing you with the best hard drive destruction service. So, if you are looking for quality hard drive degaussing services then you have come to the right place.

Our experience of degaussing hard drive, in large amounts, equips us with the ability to help you get rid of unwanted data. Free your space up with our certified hard drive disposal service and enjoy the independence from all your data related liabilities.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction Services

The process of destroying your hard drive is not always secure. When done by unqualified professionals, hard drive destruction is often exposed to human error. Partially destroyed hard drives only increases your burden and makes you more liable about the information which remains back. As large organizations, you cannot throw away the media drives and tapes without complete erasure of data. They contain sensitive information which can get in the wrong hands and can possibly end in huge lawsuits.

We provide secure hard drive disposal where you do not need to worry about any data being left behind. Our hard drive disposal service has gained recognition from clients belonging to various sectors of the industry. Our full-proof hard drive disposal strategy will grant you freedom from any tension surrounding your data.

HDD Degausser

For onsite degaussing services we send trained professionals who guarantee secure hard drive degaussing services.

The process of hard drive degaussing leaves the domains of the magnetic field, in random patterns, thereby making the information absolutely unrecoverable.

However, some of the tapes can be reused after the process of degaussing.

As an experienced and certified hard drive degaussing service provider in India we assure our customers that we abide by the standardized norms and compliances, whilst performing our hard drive and data tape degaussing services.

Hard Drive Shredder

We provide the best quality hard drive and tape shredding service in India. We apply shredding strategies that will guarantee the physical destruction of the drive into pieces which are smaller than a quarter.

The shredded drives then can be recycled back by the customer. We provide both on-site and offsite hard drive shredding services by accommodating with your varying needs of destroying the unused data in your workplace.

Our hard drive shredding service will unburden you from the liability of managing all the unwanted media devices, occupying space in your workplace. We also eliminate the options of misuse or even the possibility of theft of your unused data.

Types of Hard Drive Shredding

We offer different kinds of hard drive shredding services. We use various forms of hard drive punchers and hard drive shredders to ensure that your unused hard drives are broken down to microscopic pieces. The following are the major categories of hard drive shredding services that we offer:

  • Large Quantity of Hard Drive Shredding: We offer bulk hard drive shredding at your site or carry your hard drives and tapes in our location to destroy.
  • Data Erasure: We offer quality data degaussing and data erasure services to remove data from the magnetic fields of your hard drives.
  • Tape Destruction: We offer destruction of tapes and other media devices.
  • Hard Drive Punching: We use hard drive punchers to physically destroy media drives.
  • Hard Drive Crushing: We provide crushing devices to physically break down the hard drives into many microscopic pieces.
  • Locating bins for storage of hard drives: We offer disposal services for your broken hard drives.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: We offer quality degaussing services of your hard drives and other media tapes.